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Area Guide
| Beach Tour | Maps and Directions

  • Beach Hopping Tour: $20.00 x person.

Tour composes of three beach stops, including Playa Escondida; A private eco-resort, that has a
small river flowing onto the ocean, along with a small forest with trails. Punta Galera; a fisherman’s
village, with a beautiful ample beach, and Estero del Platano which has one of the most beautiful
natural viewer overlooking the ocean. Great photo opportunities along this whole tour.

Estimated time 2 ½ hours round trip.



  • Waterfall and Trails at the Ecological Reserve “Aquí es Ecuador”:

$25 x person.

Excursion to an amazing tropical forest in province of Esmeraldas, with two different trails, river,
waterfall, and even natural gas.

Requirement; Be able to ascend and decent 400 meters in mountain terrain, and to trek between
2.8 km and 5km of trails, round trip according on the route. (Lunch is optional).


  • Visit Mompiche: $30 x persona.

This beach made famous by the surfers that frequent this town due to its great waves. Option A.
Our trip will include a ride by boat along the coastal line up to Portete and back. Includes lunch at a restaurant by the beach. Estimated time: 4 ½ hours, round trip.


Surfing: Option B Surf the south point of Mompiche. Lunch is optional.

Board rental is $20 for 2 hours. Surfing classes for $30 per person (2 hours) includes boards.


Horseback riding: Option C* There are a couple routes available; one goes into the

mountains and another goes along the beach on horseback. Lunch is optional.


  • Kayaking through the mangles: $30.00 x person.


Cruise through the mangles at your own rhythm in our kayaks. Lunch is optional.

Estimated time 3 ½ hours round trip.

Isla de los Pajaros and magles of Sua: $10.00 x person. Boat tour. Estimate time 45 mins.

Humpback whale sightseeing: $15.00 x person.

Boat tour. Estimated time 45mins.

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